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Garden of Apologies

Canadian Pepper Farm supplying Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce and others in Ontario.

The Garden of Apologies started off in Burlington in 2014 and we relocated to Mapleton in 2017 to get more growing area.

Over the last several years I've grown 100+ varieties of peppers, and the Garden has expanded from dozens to thousands of plants. The 2022 grow list had 1700+ plants of 100 varieties! I grow primarily to support Sorry Sauce, but I also grow unique and unusual peppers just for the sake of growing them. And I have a bunch of good friends who also make hot sauce, so I've supplied peppers to a few of them.

The Garden uses organic practices with compost, landscape fabric and hand tools rather than chemicals, pesticides and machines to keep it all natural and low carbon, and we use our solar power and captured rainwater wherever possible.

In 2021, I did a few talks about pepper growing both through Zoom and in person, and I was honoured to have my peppers included in the League of Fire Americas Belt Match on September 4 in Ottawa, ON.

In January 2022, The Garden of Apologies became a separate business, so we now have organic pepper, tomato and ground cherry seedlings available during the spring as well as fresh pepper pods all summer. In addition to Sorry Sauce, I've also provided peppers to Purple Tongue Hot Sauce, Charby's Craft Sauce, Sexi Lexi and Fired Up Foods.

The highlight of the 2022 season was August 27 in Ottawa at Heating up the Capital. I supplied a bunch of the peppers for the Extreme Chili Alliance belt match.

For 2023, we had about 110 cultivars and each one that produced pods is featured on our YouTube channel, Pepper School.

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Garden of Apologies Canadian Pepper Farm

The Garden of Apologies and Greenhouse of Extreme Regret are part of the Sorry Sauce family in Mapleton, ON, Canada.

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